Proud GRO contribution to a sustainable competition at the Dakar 2023

The duo formed by Carlos Checa and Marc Solà go home with the great feat of having finished another Dakar. For the whole team it is a great satisfaction considering the many obstacles they have had to overcome with hard work, effort, professionalism, tenacity and a lot of companionship.

In his second participation in the Dakar, Checa finished 32nd overall. In the T1.2 Prototype Cross-Country Cars 4×2 category, he is 10th and the best Spaniard.

The ASTARA GRO TEAM has opted for a competition car powered by e-fuel, a solution to compete in the Dakar at the highest level and in a sustainable way. In the first week of the Dakar alone, the team had managed to save 11.58 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere thanks to the use of this ecological fuel and low-emission products.

Carlos Checa:We are very happy to have completed the Dakar. It wasn’t easy because everything happened to us but we have to thank the team for their work. Having Marc by my side has been an important support. We finished with a very good taste in our mouths “.

In motorbikes, this has been a very tough rally for the Rieju GRO Team. Diego Llanos managed to finish the Dakar 2023, albeit as a restarted rider.

Daniel Nosiglia, after being among the leading riders of the rally in the last stages, was forced to retire on the penultimate day of the competition. Sandra Gómez also put in a great performance, leading the women’s class at the time of her retirement.

Miquel García, Manager of the Rieju Team: “The objective that we had set ourselves as a team before the start of this third Dakar for the Rieju Team could not be achieved. I am very disappointed that two of our riders had to retire due to mechanical problems, especially Dani Nosiglia, who was putting in a great performance, had to do so on the penultimate stage. It is the first time this has happened to us since we started, but we have faced the most complex edition of the Dakar since we started the rally, under changing conditions, very hard not only for the riders, but also for the assistance, with very long routes, accumulating fatigue and stress. In fact, we have learned from suffering under the most difficult conditions “.

In terms of trucks, the KH-7 Epsilon GRO Team has managed to get out of the dunes and reach Dammam with its hydrogen hybrid truck, after a rollover in the middle of the Empty Quarter desert.

Juvanteny, Criado and Ballbé, pioneers in the introduction of H2 in the toughest race in the world, value very positively their technological contribution to the competition, which will help to make the Dakar a more sustainable proposal in the immediate future.

Jordi Juvanteny: “The first conclusion is that hydrogen is completely viable for the Dakar, something that we have demonstrated in terms of performance and also safety, as evidenced by the fact that, despite having overturned, the system is still intact and we were able to use up the hydrogen tank on the road section to Dammam”.