At GRO we have the technical team and human resources necessary to design and manufacture products with the uniqueness that each project requires, always prioritizing the concepts of quality, environment, innovation and continuous improvement that are managed under the Six Sigma philosophy, with a clear focus on customer. For this reason, our work system is in accordance with the International Quality Regulations UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and the Environment UNE-EN-ISO 14001, in which we have been certified since 1999 and 2003, respectively.

Likewise, we have certification as research and development for the projects: «Metals 015, research and development of lubricants for metal processing with low environmental impact» and «Research and development of special lubricants for low-impact machinery». Projects certified by EQA with numbers 461,836 and 461,871 in the field of application and interpretation of tax benefits (Tax deduction for R&D activities). This certification does not imply the approval or homologation of the product, process or service object of the project.

Quality, environment and occupational safety policy

In GRO empresa dedicated to the DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, MANUFACTURING, COMMERCIALIZATION AND TECHNICAL ADVICE OF LUBRICANT PRODUCTS, understands that it is key for the development of the organization and, therefore, establishes the following fundamental pillars as a reference policy:

  • Continuous improvement of the Quality of products and services, of the Environmental Management System and of the Safety System.
  • Compliance with current legislation.
  • Training and information for employees and agents involved as an essential element for the development of the organization, achieving their full integration and participation.

Our commitment to sustainability, as set out in GRO’s company policy, has led us to be audited by EcoVadis with the aim of contributing to continuous improvement and sustainable development. The score achieved has earned us the EcoVadis gold medal.

Satisfy the needs of our customers, achieving our own personal satisfaction, and consolidate and improve our competitiveness and our expansion in the market:
  • Prioritize the prevention of defects before their correction.
  • Strengthen production planning to maximize the performance of the facilities.
  • Provide the necessary resources to improve the control of processes and the achievement of objectives and goals.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the company’s facilities; as well as the order and cleanliness of the factory.
  • Identify and ensure the correct management of environmental aspects.
  • Carry out efficient and sustainable management of natural resources, energy efficiency, the use of renewable energies and the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Minimize waste.
  • Prevent pollution, and where possible, minimize environmental impact.
  • Incorporate environmental criteria in the management of the business.
  • Identify and prevent occupational risks.
  • Have the appropriate facilities, equipment and tools.
  • Promote coordination with staff for risk management.
  • Management of incidents and accidents.
  • Emergency preparedness and fire safety.
  • Incorporate security criteria in the management of the business.

Integrated Management Systems

GRO, as a packaging company for products that can go to the final consumer, participates in ECOEMBES, contributing to the Packaging Waste Management System, aimed at achieving the recycling and recovery objectives established by the Packaging and Packaging Waste Law. This SIG offers a global and efficient solution in the management of domestic packaging waste for products placed on the market. The domestic packaging of the products marketed by GRO therefore collaborates in financing the costs of managing packaging waste.

GRO, is adhered to the INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS (SIGPI), in order to comply with the obligations of R.D: 679/2006 of June 2, which regulates the management of used industrial oils.