GRO at the finish line of the Dakar 2022

GRO at the finish line of the Dakar 2022

The 44th edition of the Dakar Rally has come to an end today! The third edition in Saudi Arabia has been an intense and fast-paced adventure.

The toughest rally in the world has consolidated the Rieju-GRO team as a reliable team, with safe and fast riders.

“Our riders have fulfilled their mission and have reached the finish line after completing more than 8,000 kilometres. The confidence that GRO lubricants and maintenance products give us has allowed us to push the bikes to the limit”, commented Miquel García – Team Manager Rieju-GRO.

Daniel Nosiglia #54 (P17 scratch moto): “We have finished the Dakar! I think this edition has been the easiest I’ve done so far. We have given our best day by day and I am very happy with the performance, very grateful to the team for their impeccable work and to all those who have been supporting us in the race”.
Joan Pedrero #17 (P20 scratch moto, P4 Legend): “I’m happy to have finished in the top 20. The bike was perfect and the team was unbeatable. Today we had a very nice stage, with a lot of navigation. I had a very good feeling and all the riders finished, which is the most important thing”.
Marc Calmet #108 (P52 scratch moto): “I loved today’s stage. It was slower than usual, with a lot of navigation and more like an enduro, which is what I like. The goal was not to fall, to finish in good conditions. I didn’t have to push myself because the aim was to finish”.
Santi Navarro #314 (P4 scratch T3): “We have reached the end of the Dakar, we are happy. Since we started we’ve been climbing, it wasn’t our main objective to be 4th, but we’re here, it’s a good result and we want to do a bit more”.

Marc Solà #314 (P4 scratch T3):We are very happy, we are here, we have finished the Dakar, starting from less to more. We have picked up a good pace and I think we can be very happy. It’s a very good result, we always want more, we’re always hungrier, but we’ve shown it and we’re very happy and we’re going home with the medal”.