GRO at the Dakar 2024: objectives achieved

For yet another year, GRO took part in the world’s toughest race to test its products and gather data to develop new lubrication solutions.

We have seen how GRO products have been used to fight for the top positions in cars; to bring the biggest amateur motorbike team to the finish line; and to lubricate the biggest trucks powered by revolutionary new combustion technology.

Laia Sanz finishes 15th overall and 3rd in the two-wheel drive category.
“I am very proud to have finished my 14th consecutive Dakar, because it is a very difficult thing to do. A lot of things happen in this race, and even more so in a car, because the mechanics are more complicated than on a bike, so I’m very happy to have finished and to have finished in the Top 15 overall and third in the category. It’s a result that we would have signed before we started. I want to thank the team and Maurizio for their hard work. In the end, the Dakar is a race in which nothing is decided until the last day”.
The ALL1/RIEJU/GRO finishes the Dakar 2024 and fulfils wish number 5 on Álex Llibre’s list of “101 things to do in life”.

They overcome two weeks of great hardness, physical and mental suffering, mixed with very exciting and enjoyable moments that are multiplied at the moment of crossing the finish line. We are very satisfied for fulfilling their precious and incredible dream. We are very satisfied for fulfilling their precious and incredible dream.
Jordi Juvanteny, José Luis Criado and Xavi Ribas have become the first winners of the new Mission 1000 category promoted by the ‘Dakar Future’ programme.
The Spanish crew’s MAN 6×6 completed almost 1,000 kilometres on its hybrid hydrogen and HVO fuel system.