The Vertigo-GRO factory team and its rider Jaime Busto, runner-up in the TrialGP World Championship 2022

Busto has been proclaimed runner-up in the TrialGP World Championship for the first time in his career, a milestone that also means the best result for Vertigo in the premier class of the World Championship.

Throughout this World Championship, Busto and the Nitro JB-R have been on the podium 5 times, as well as winning the opening round of the Championship.

A great achievement that certifies the exceptional evolution of the green brand’s models and positions Vertigo as a competitive, innovative and reliable brand. And alongside GRO, the technological partner of lubricants for production and competition motorbikes, providing the necessary technical support for the development and evolution of its motorbikes, ensuring the reliability of the mechanisms bathed by GRO products.