Introduction of the MotoE Pons Team

GRO your technological partner in lubrication. Team captained by Sito Pons.

The team captained by Sito Pons presents its project for the new MotoGP World Championship category, the MotoE World Cup, with the twice MotoGP World Champion Sete Gibernau as the rider.

The new MotoE category is the first electric motorcycle competition recognised by the FIM and will be launched at the next German Grand Prix on 5, 6 and 7 July.

GRO, sponsor and supplier of the lubricants and maintenance products for the team’s motorcycles, wanted to link up with the new project as a commitment to new technologies in the world of the motors whilst respecting the environment. It also participates in the development of a wide range of products focused on electric mobility.

Sete Gibernau
“Today I again felt that feeling of excitement and motivation running through my body. Being part of this new generation of electric motorcycles and collaborating in their development is very motivating for me.”

Sito Pons
“I am very pleased to present the new project for the MotoE World Cup. Electric motorcycles are destined to be the future of motorcycling and to be part of it from the beginning makes us proud and passionate.”