rieju dakar 2022

GRO starts in the Dakar 2022

The 44th edition of the Dakar Rally starts in a few hours and GRO will be present with the FN Speed Team and the Rieju team. In this edition, they will have to face 8,000 very hard kilometres, of which 4,300 will be timed and distributed in 12 stages.

The FN Speed Team will be represented in the motorbike, light vehicle (T3), SSV (T4) and truck categories.

In the motorbike category, RIEJU will be represented by Joan Pedrero, Daniel Nosiglia and Marc Calmet.

In light vehicles (T3) there will be 5 vehicles, led by the runner-up in the world championship, Santi Navarro – Marc SolĂ . One unit will race in SSV (T4).

As for the trucks, 3 will be the team’s units.

As every year, the team will set off with the aim of taking all its vehicles to the finish line and achieving great results as in previous editions. And GRO will play a key role in this by supplying the team with lubricants and fluids that will bathe the key parts.