GRO Biker HC 10W40, new product in the motorbike range

Positioned by performance between the Smart and Spirit ranges, it is GRO’s most economical synthetic motor oil

GRO Biker HC 10W40 is a synthetic lubricant for all types of motorbikes equipped with a 4-stroke engine, with or without an integrated gearbox and oil bathed or dry clutch.

Specially developed for engines meeting Euro 2, 3, 4 and 5 anti-pollution standards equipped with exhaust gas treatment systems (catalytic converter or exhaust air injection).

GRO Biker HC 10W40 can also be used in non-catalyst motorbikes, scooters, quads and mopeds.

It complies with API SM and JASO MA2 standards.

Available in 50 l. and 200 l. canisters.